Sunday, January 15, 2006

Otto Gas Engine for the 1904 swing bridge at Drawbridge, California


Looking for information on the where abouts of the very old OTTO GAS ENGINE that was stand by power for the 1904 swing bridge located at DRAWBRIDGE, CAL. on the ex. SPC, (ng) main line. This 1904 gas engine was still in place in the 1980's and was told it was going to be saved.


Baldwin color specs for Western Pacific Locomotives, 1866

From: "Jim Wilke"

I recently came across notes from the Baldwin paint data books regarding the 1866 Western Pacific locomotives Santa Clara and San Mateo. They are listed as the 12th and 13th 21-1/2 C class, built in August 1866. They were specified to have red wheels and best passenger finish, with the name on the house (cab) in gold leaf.

A third engine, to be named Stockton, was cancelled. It was to have been the 16th 20 1/2 C class engine and was originally ordered with the same finish.

—Jim Wilke

[Note: Name is not spelled Jim Wilkie.]