Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Question: Length of Spikes Used at Promontory; Height of rail

From: pravoslavna@comcast.net  

I've much enjoyed your website on the CPRR.  Keep up the good work. I've been diligent reading all the fine pages you have posted, "studying up" for a retirement trip to Promontory that I'm planning after I wrap up a 43 year railroad career.

Here are two questions that you might be able to answer... 

(1)  What was the length of the spikes used by the CPRR in spiking down its 60 pound rail in the vicinity of Promontory?

(2)  It appears that the original 60 pound rail over Promontory was never replaced with rail of a heavier section, as the literature indicates the rail retired in 1942 was still 60 pound rail.  Would you agree with this?

Abram Burnett
New Cumberland, PA