Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brass Pot

You may or may not be able to help me ... but awhile back, I came upon a brass looking pot with a handle on it that has a metal label (tag) that says on it, "Notice to Passengers. Do not empty this toilet out of train window. Central Pacific R.R." - quote un-quote! I recently went to a home improvement convention in Charleston, South Carolina where a well known TV antique appraiser was there. It was announced on TV that people could bring in items that they thought were antiques and he would appraise them. I went with hopes to find out what this "pot" is worth, however there were 50 people ahead of me and the line was not moving at all! Is there anyway you could help me or direct me to someone that could tell me what this pot may be worth ... roughly? ... Thanks!

—Tracy Atkinson

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