Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Source of construction material

What country supplied material for the Transcontinental Railroad?


Transcontinental RR Train Stations

From: "Felber, Mary"
Subject: 2006 Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship

... I’m looking for great people to contact to arrange the program for the 2006 Richard Morris Hunt fellow, Christopher Loustau. His area of interest is specific: Train stations along the 1st transcontinental railroad from NY to SF. Please send me contacts for anyone you can think of to give the big picture/overview and specific architects, engineers, conservators, archeologists, etc that would be interested and be interesting for Christopher to meet. ...

Mary Felber
AIA/AAF Scholarship Programs
1735 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 626-7511

Purchasing railroad maps

From: "m gross"

I am interested in ... original maps, I may want to purchase. Can you tell me the prices of [railroad maps]? ...


Great grandfather Blodgett

From: "Mike & Sue Blodgett"

My name is Sue Blodgett and my husband's great grandfather was a part of the working crew when the track was laid. He received an Elgin railroad watch when either he retired or when the track was finished. I am not sure. I am looking for any information about him. I know his last name was Blodgett and that is all the information I have. Can you help me to find out anything else about him. I know I am not giving you much to go on. I think he would have worked for the Union Pacific side but not for sure on that.

—Sue Blodgett


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