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Hiking Trail Map of Cisco - Tamarack area

From: "Heidi Sproat",

Planning a hiking trip to (hopefully) view the area where the March 19, 1888 train wreck occurred between "Tamerack" and Cisco. Wrote an article about the wreck in our most recent Echoes Newsletter, pp.4-5.

Looking for any kind of map and hiking trail / rail trail where we might be able to view the area that is the subject of this train wreck. The map below will show the specific area. In the right hand side of the map, just below the black horizontal line, look for the T.17.N.R.13.E block and you will see Cisco and Tamerack [sic] Station. For more references for this wreck, see our website Supplemental Content September, 2016 Echoes. ...

—Heidi C. Sproat, Truckee, California
Truckee-Donner Historical Society, Webmaster, Editor of quarterly newsletter Echoes From the Past, eNews editor​ and Volunteer Research Historian

Nevada Country, CA 1880

Map of Nevada County, California
J.G. Hartwell, San Francisco, W.T. Galloway, 1880.
Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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