Friday, June 19, 2020

Search for a citation - "discover, open up, and make accessible the American West"

From: "Ron Tyler"

I have read your article, Eastward to Promontory, on the CPRR web page, and a quotation caught my eye that has turned up in some other sources as well, such as the web page of CSU-Northridge. I have been trying to locate the phrase — "discover, open up, and make accessible the American West." — and cannot find it in the introduction to the volume you are discussing in your essay. I have read much of the article and searched on two different scans of that volume (volume one) with no luck. At least two sources credit Frank Schubert, Vanguard of Expansion, but I cannot find it in his book either. If you could please tell me where you found the quote I would be most grateful. I am working on a book and would also like to use it. ...

—Ron Tyler, Retired Professor
Museum Director. Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Western Art, Western History: Collected Essays
The Art of Texas: 250 Years