Saturday, August 05, 2006


From: "John Sweat"

Yesterday while fishing along the Truckee river I found a railroad lock. On the back it has the CPRR CO. Stamp marks and 4 87 stampings, which I guess would be the month and year of manufacture. On the latch the capital letter G is stamped, do you know what this means? Also could you tell me roughly the value of this lock.

—John Sweat

CPRR lock

At the top is stamped: 4          8    7
The numerals above are separated about like I typed them here (about an inch total spread). On the horizontal rectangular plate is stamped:
C. P. R. R. Co.
Color looks ... like real life! You can see the verdigris.

CPRR lock

The key opening cover swivels from the top to open, exposing the opening for the key (skeleton type). Opening is about 5/8 inch high with circular pin at top.