Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Historical Address for CPRR at 303 Broadway in NYC 1870

From: swnort@comcast.net

I am researching a mid 19th Century painting that had an association possibly with 303 Broadway as it existed in the period of o/a 1850-60. I note that CPRR's 1870 address for its NYC office was at 303 Broadway.

I note the voluminous and interesting materials available on your website, but couldn't see anything regarding history of the various physical office sites. Thus, I was wondering if you might have any such information for my research regarding that building at 303 Broadway (i.e. pre/post 1870 building description, occupants, even immediately adjacent buildings*, etc.) That particular area/time was one where there were many artists and theatres in that area of NYC, but the NYC Landmarks Commission does not have this address within its current designated areas.

Thus, any historic info on the building itself would be much appreciated.

(* I am also trying to determine the same information regarding the mid 19th Century address of 289 Broadway which Landmarks advises that currently they show as "not a valid address.") ...

—Phil Norton, Frederick MD