Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sacramento Station Mural

From: "David Rallis" amralli@fresno.k12.ca.us, bigdogdaver@yahoo.com
Subject: Sacramento CPstation Mural

I am a fourth grade teacher in Fresno and will soon be taking 100 4th graders to Sacramento by train. As a historian, I have been appointed to do a walking tour of Old Sacramento and have always started my tour at the mural in the train station. Could you give me some information about the mural:

1. When was the building (station) built, when was the mural done, and who was the artist?

2. Who are the persons depicted in the mural (I know the big four and Theodore Judah, but I don't know their positions on the mural).

3. Any other backgroud information of interest that you may pass on to me to make the presentation more interesting and historic.

I would certainly appreciate as much help as you can give me.

—David Rallis