Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deeds given to Thomas M. Howe by President Abraham Lincoln after the act of July 1, 1862

From: "Lynn tucker"

Our family still has numerous original deeds given to Thomas M. Howe by Lincoln. They may relate to Railroad land for I see Thomas M. Howe's name is listed in the [Pacific Railroad] Act of July 1, 1862.

The deeds actually say they are pursuant to an Act of Congress approved on March 3, 1855.

Our deeds are dated July 1, 1863 (not 1862).

Howe was my husband's great grandfather. We had thought that the deeds were to mines in Michigan as Howe was a steel manufacturer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

His steel mills produced most of the weapons needed by the Northern army.

We had thought that Lincoln was just providing Howe with Michigan mining land in order for him to have the raw materials needed to make weapons of war.

There are many deeds penned by Lincoln's secretary deeding land in Michigan.

Does your museum have many of the original deeds relating to the railroad right of ways?

Any information you might have to share about them would be greatly appreciated.

I will quote the location listed on one deed and you may know if that became railroad land.

"duly located upon the southeast quarter of section thirty two, in township fifty on, north of range forty three, west, in the district of lands subject to sale at Marquette, Michigan, containing one hundred and sixty acres."

These are the exact words although phrases like "in township fifty" seem to make no sense.

Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

—Lynn Tucker