Thursday, April 27, 2006

WARNING: Fake AT&SF 1876 Color Timetables

According to Fake Railroad Paper - Railroadiana Online: "An 1876 timetable from the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad has been recently produced in some quantity. According to a reputable source, the text does not indicate that it is a reproduction. We do not know if there ever was an original timetable that looked just like this, so it could be either a reproduction or a 'fantasy' item."

FRAUD ALERT: These fake timetables which have started to appear on eBay, are easy to spot because they are reproduced using a color halftone screen printing process that shows an array of dots easily visible when the timetable is looked at with magnification. Halftone printing did not exist in 1876.

When legitimately sold as not being original by an ethical dealer, these are described for example as "AT&SF 11-26-1876. Large, very colorful, very ornate REPRINT, guessing 1970's - 80's date of reprint (16-pl)...$11."

Railroad Fakes & Reproductions: "... These are quite attractive and apparently have been printed in some quantity. One guess is that they were produced in the 1970's, but whether or not there ever was an original timetable like this is unknown."