Sunday, February 25, 2007

Central Pacific Sacramento Mainline


I'm looking for some solid historical evidence on a couple of points.

First, I know that Judah's 1863 report described the mainline as being on the route arching around the north edge of the original shops site (actually creating the levee that defined that north edge of the Shops). I also know that the original track out of town actually turned off Front Street onto I Street, turned north on 6th Street, and then connected with what became the final alignment about D Street heading east on the City levee to Elvas and the American River bridge.

So my question is two part –
1. When was the line around the north edge of the Shops site actually built?
2. When did the CP switch from running their trains out I Street and start using the line around the Shops?

And a related question – when Leland Stanford's special to Promontory with the assorted spikes left Sacramento, which track did they take?