Saturday, June 16, 2007



I would like to know the store of the S.P. Co. running its locomotive No 1, C.P. HUNTINGTON in passenger service during the DAYS OF 49 in MAY 1922. Operating between 3rd and I street in Sacramento to BRIGATON, CAL.


Chinese pottery

Back in roughly 1961, I was vacationing in the Sacramento area with my grandparents & brother. My railroad-loving grandfather had a map of where the Chinese workmen's camps had been. He scanned what was then open meadows and figured where the dump must have been. We dug up dark brown pots identical to a couple of artifacts on your site. Are people/museums interested in these items? Is there only value that of a loving granddaughter's memory of a man who could literally find buried treasure? (That value being obviously a lot given I've been carrying them around for the last forty-some years.)

Private Varnish

From: "Kate Booth"

We are a group that attempts to find obscure information. The other night we were discussing a travel program we had seen regarding someone who had converted an old rail passenger car into a home. He had a private siding where he normally lived near Chicago. However, the program indicated that when ever he wanted to travel to another location, he would contact the railroad company and hook on to a train or a series of trains, going to where ever it was that he wanted to go.

Our questions not only revolves around the logistics of these travel plans, but mainly the cost of moving a rail car from point A to point B, assuming an open schedule.

Thank you for your help.

Mike Booth