Sunday, May 29, 2011

"CP" Cast Iron plate

From: "Scott Chaney"

I am a collector of railroad memorabilia from across the country. I recently picked up a yellow cast iron plate with huge cast letters "CP". I have been unable to identify that this is truly a CPRR piece or just some other iron plate. Is there anyone there that can help me correctly distinguish this piece as CPRR. ...

—Scott and Charles Chaney

'CP' Cast Iron plate

'CP' Cast Iron plate

'CP' Cast Iron plate

How did rail passenger reach San Francisco in 1908?

From: "Jeanne Crawford"

... My grandmother took the train from Oregon down to San Francisco in 1908. Then she took a train from San Francisco on south to Pasadena. I am curious how she got into San Francisco. I tried to do some research myself but am unsure. Did she go into Sacramento and the whole train went on a ferry to San Francisco? Or did she get to Oakland and have to switch to a passenger ferry? Or did her train from Oregon go down to San Jose and then up the penninsula to San Francisco?

... I have the letter my grandmother wrote from San Francisco in September 1908 but she doesn't explain how she got into the City via train/ferry/???