Thursday, April 28, 2005

Headon wreck of 1901

From: "Arnold Menke"

Photo of the headon wreck was mentioned, and dated 1901. I have no quibble with the date, and it seems likely as 2800 was rebuilt that year.

You also said the engines were wood burners. Obviously they have wood burning stacks, but 2800's tender has what appears to be coal in it. Can't see anything in 2195's tender, and that of 2843 could be wood.

Also on page 31 of Signor's book on the Shasta Division 2800 is sitting there and you can just make out the wood burning stack, but the tender has coal in it. And note the coal servicing facilities to the left. John did not date this photo but it has to be about 1900 or 1901.

I guess my point is that wood burning stacks remained in place even as coal burners, probably for a short time.


electrical output

From: "Ed Gadbois"

... One of our students posed the question "what is the electrical output of the diesel generators which supply power to the traction motors of the locomotives and what is the power of each motor?" ...

Ed Gadbois
fire etc., Lakeland College