Sunday, April 30, 2006


From: "Jennifer M. Meadows"

Out of curiousity, who won the race to Promontory Point – Central Pacific or Union Pacific?

—Jennifer Meadows, Sam Houston State University

John McQuarrie mural artist for the Mesa Railroad Station

From: "Ron Peters"

I am doing some research on John McQuarrie. He apparently was the mural artist for the Mesa Railroad station built in 1931 Demolished in 1975. I am trying to find out if there is a record of his murals and copies. I would sure like to find a copy of the mural he did for the mesa station. It was centered around the Salt river Valley and conquest of the Indians by the Morman settlers. Any help would be appreciated.

—Ron Peters

John McQuarrie, Obituary, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/30/1944. Courtesy of the G.J. 'Chris' Graves Collection.