Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pivotal Books on California History

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I attended a meeting of the Zamorano Club earlier this week, which is a group of Los Angeles book collectors, printers, and librarians. (Librarians from the Huntington, USC, UCLA, UCSD) In the late 40's they agreed on the 80 most important books in California History. At this time a sub-committee is working on the second 80 most important. At the meeting I was asked if there were any pivotal books indicating how California railroads impacted the success and uniqueness of California. I cannot readily answer so I am posing the question to you in hopes of real insight. Their preference seems to be first person narratives, reports or surveys. I feel that a publication like Reports on Canals, Railways ... , 1826 by Edward Strickland done for Pennsylvania is a important work of the type which would merit inclusion. I know of nothing like that for California, but thought to ask for suggestions of publications which would be considered pivotal to California growth from a transportation angle. For example works on water rights in California are being discussed for inclusion.

If you have any specific book thoughts, or bibliography suggestions I would be appreciative. Their thoughts are for publications 1850's through 70's. I like the Pope Diary.

Any thoughts are helpful.