Monday, July 19, 2010

When did CPRR go to SPRR?

When did CP go to SP? [as a leased line, later merged]

1880 rail made by G.H. Hutte

From: "Merle Goad"

I have a piece of 1880 rail made by G.H. Hutte. Was that used on the CPRR or even used in the USA?

—Merle Goad

Across Donner Pass in 1845 - Frémont's 3rd expeditionary entry into California by the Truckee/Donner Pass route

From: "Bob Graham"

I have recently finished a long look at John Charles Frémont's 1845 3rd exped entry into CA by the Truckee/Donner Pass route using Frémont's narrative accounts and determined coordinates.

It is very interesting, because the Frémont's descent was not along the emigrant wagon route down the Bear River, but rather a ridge route that anticipated the CPRR route and the road built to build that RR, today's I-80.

It is ironic that on completion of his privately-funded 1854 38th parallel RR survey, Frémont outright rejected the feasibility of crossing the Sierra at that latitude and suggested turning south to near Walker Pass, crossing there to the San Joaquin Valley, and then north to SF.

I don't think anyone has previously looked at that '45 route.
Here I have it mapped by narrative and determined coordinates:

Across Donner Pass in '45

—Bob Graham, Sacramento

Fremont route