Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Your site has been mentioned on radio!"

From: "Mary Westheimer" mary@kevincaron.com


Your site is being featured this month on Eye on the Web, a radio show that reaches all 50 U.S. states and 124 other countries, thanks to our sponsor, sculptor Kevin Caron, and KNLS radio. The show will be played this month and may be repeated.

You can read the nice things we had to say at

Eye on the Web – An international radio show featuring the fun and fanciful world of the Web, sponsored by sculptor Kevin Caron

Meanwhile, thanks for having a wonderful site, and sharing your talents with the world.


Mary Westheimer
Host, Eye on the Web

"All aboard! Anyone can enjoy the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, but train and history buffs will be immediately entranced. This isn't a slick site, yet people wouldn't come to it to see the latest in Web design. Instead, you'll find amazing photos, drawings and maps about the people, places and times when railroads expanded across the United States, opening its wide expanses to the world. The challenges of the enterprises - from chicanery to smallpox to natural barriers - is covered in great detail, with lots of links from one section to the next to keep you constantly clicking, much as the trains themselves finally rolled across the tracks. While most sites avoid lots of text, this one gives you plenty to read as you learn the good and the bad about a bygone time.
Destination: history!"

Railroad tool?

From: bartelsr@iowatelecom.net

I was told that this was a railroad key of some sort. Can you identify the tool shown in the attached picture and give me some details about it?

—Rich Bartels


Note: CLICK HERE to see the second photo referred to in a comment below which shows "the control stand on a completely rebuilt SW1000 that was sitting outside the old EJ&E Car Shops in Joliet, IL. ... Photo by Neal 12/01" from the DPD Productions website's Railroad Gallery.