Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who builds replicas of steam locomotives?

From: "Stephen Young"

We are a small group interested in preserving the railroad heritage of Rowan County, Kentucky (Morehead & North Fork Railroad). We have a C&O caboose which we will be restoring this sumer. We also wish to obtain and restore a wooden boxcar (which will be converted to a museum), and here is the question: We would like to know if there is a company or group which builds non-working, display only replicas of steam locomotives. The locomotive replica we would like to have built is a Rogers 4-4-0 from around the turn of the century. We would also be open to having the parts created and building it ourselves. Any help with finding a company which might be interested? We would, of course love to have a real 4-4-0 but understand that is an impossibility.

—Steve Young, M&NF Railroad, Morehead, Kentucky