Sunday, April 02, 2006

Question: Photo identification

Re: "1800's Picture of Railroad I found!!"

I was wonder if you can help me find out some information. I found this wonderful book of old photos but none of them have the names of the people in them but they do have the name of the studio that took them and this one is from Placerville. It is of a man riding a wagon pulled by a few horses and it is pulling this Locomotion Train and it has some signs on it. I got out a magnifying glass and the signs say "Rail Road is Coming!!!" One of the signs says "RR Is Coming, Give us the Right Away!!". It has three tough looking thugs standing in the back of the wagon. The photo was made in Placerville, California. I thought that it was very interesting so I wanted to find out more about the people in it and the rest of the photos that are in the album. It appears that they advertizing that the Railroad is coming. Therefore, I believe that it is from the 1800's as with the rest of the pictures in the book. One of the other pictures are of a man and he has a medal badge on and it looks like a GAR Medal or a Medal of Honor for some military branch. Perhaps it is William Sherman or one of the others that started the Railroad there. I am attaching you a copy of 2 of the pictures but I have about 97 more of them. I was wondering, if you would be able to recognize any of the faces. Perhaps this is something that should be in a Museum for the Railroads or for Placerville. Thank you and I truly appreciate any info that you may have or where I can find out more about these pictures. I am in San Diego so I am unable to bring them by for you to look at but would be willing to copy them and mail you some if need be. Again, thank you for your time.

—Teri Bergman

High School Research Paper - race issues occurring while building the building the transcontinental Railroad

From: "Calvin Alice-Demorest"

I am in my senior year of high school, and I was assigned a college level research paper, on the topic of my choice, during the nineteenth century. I chose to write about race issues occurring while building the building the transcontinental Railroad. So far on my quest I have found a few books to help me get a general view of things, Nothing Like it in The World by Stephen Ambrose, and Empire Express by David Bain. These books were all right for a general overview, but didn't help too much on the race issues. What sources (or sections of your site) do you recommend for this topic, or more importantly, what is the best place to find primary sources (without travelling)? I would really appreciate even the slightest reply.


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