Thursday, June 28, 2007

Historic Designation for "Library Hall" in Tulare

From: "Laurel Barton"

I came across your [contact information] on the internet along with a discussion about a picture of a large roundhouse that existed at one time in Tulare. I thought you might be able to help me with some other Tulare railroad history research.

Although Tulare was at one time a prominent railroad hub, about the only official building that remains from that era is something that we refer to locally as the "Women's Clubhouse," but that was originally built as "Library Hall" to serve SP employees and their families. The City owns the building and would like to pursue National Register status for it. It has been in continuous use since its completion in 1882. I'm looking for architectural plans, etc. for it and thought you might be able to help me focus my search.

Laurel Barton
Management Analyst
City of Tulare Recreation, Parks & Library Dept.