Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Three of the four original spikes reunited in Omaha, Nebraska, for the first time

"The Eighth Wonder of the World’s Crown Jewels" by UPRR, © Inside Track, 10/5/2018. (News Article)

" ... For the first time since that windy day at Promontory Summit, three of the original four spikes driven to honor the transcontinental railroad's completion are being reunited in Omaha, Nebraska ... the silver spike from Nevada, the Golden Spike and the blended spike from Arizona ...

The Race to Promontory: The Transcontinental Railroad and the American West exhibition is on view at Joslyn Art Museum Oct. 6 though Jan. 6, 2019. At the conclusion, the spikes will return to their respective homes; however, the photograph collection will move to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Feb. 1 through May 26, 2019, and then the Crocker Art Museum June 23 through Sept. 29, 2019." [More]

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Weather during CPRR construction

From: "Camryn Dusthimer" 15920@students.pasd.us

... Where can I find information about what the weather was like during the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad? I’ve been able to find information about the Winter of 1866, but no information about summers and temperatures. ...

"Planning begins for 150-year anniversary of railroad in Truckee"

"Planning begins for 150-year anniversary of railroad in Truckee" by Hannah Jones, © Sierra Sun, October 11, 2018. (News Article)

" ... The Truckee Donner Railroad Society, Truckee Donner Historical Society and the Donner Summit Historical Society are working to organize a Golden Spike celebration ... " [More]

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