Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Google Book Search allows full PDF downloads"

"Google Book Search allows full PDF downloads" by Nate Anderson, © Ars Technica, 8/30/2006. (News Article)

"When Google Print was first unveiled, it was clear that the site would become an amazing resource. It provided full access to books that were already out of copyright, but only if you viewed them online, one page at a time. What people most wanted, though, was the ability to download full PDF versions of the books, which they could read or print at their leisure and on their own machines. Oh, and they wanted Google to provide this free of charge. Google went ahead and did it. ... " [More]

[Courtesy Google Alerts.]

Google Book Search includes a number of terrific railroad books and reports, for example, from Stanford University's Hopkins Transportation Library Collection. Unfortunately, the Google pdf downloads have page images only, so are not searchable while being viewed using software such as Adobe Acrobat.

We'll be posting links for a number of the railroad books and reports from the Google Library Project as soon as we get them processed to make them searchable by adding OCR converted full text.