Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Question from Ross Perot's office - in Texas

From: "Libby Craft"

I am trying to find a photograph of a punch ticket used by the conductor to keep track of the passengers. The ticket had male and female images and details such as color of hair and eyes. Do you have any resource ... person, book, etc., that might have a photo of this item? It was used in the 1880's. ...

Libby Craft
The Perot Group, Plano, TX

Photographic punch ticket

Maps of Definite Location for the CPRR and UPRR

From: "Bruce L. Jorgensen"

How do I obtain a copy of the Map or Maps of Definite Location for the CPRR and UPRR final constructed route of the transcontinental railroad which culminated with the "golden spike" at Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869?

Also, where could I obtain a list of the odd numbered sections transferred to each RR company pursuant to the RR Acts of 1862 and 1864 upon the filing of the Maps of Definite Location? ...

Bruce L. Jorgensen
Olson & Hoggan, P.C.

Searles Hopkins Castle For Sale

"Holy Turrets! See 10 Castles for Sale in the U.S." by Diane Tuman, Zillow Content Manager, © Zillow Blog, March 8, 2011. (Real Estate Listing)

"If you think castles only exist in Europe, think again. Surprisingly, there are many castles in the U.S. and some are even for sale ... struggling to find buyers just like most other high-end homes ... 389 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230 For Sale - $11 million: Now, that’s a castle! Known as the Searles Hopkins Castle, this 1888 French Chateau-style stone castle was commissioned in 1889 by Mary Hopkins, who was the widow of Mark Hopkins, founder of the Central Pacific Railroad. Several years after her husband’s death, she continued to build the castle, hiring designer Edward Searles who was 22 years her junior. As the castle’s name implies, the pair eventually married. Castle highlights include a Louis XIV drawing room with details in gold leaf and original painted ceiling, acoustically engineered music room with 42-ft dome ceiling, and large stone terraces overlooking a dramatic cross-shaped reflecting pond and gardens. The property consists of 61 acres with over a thousand feet of frontage on the Housatonic River. Located in the Berkshire Mountains, Great Barrington real estate is considered accessible and desirable to urbanites in New York City and Boston since it’s only two and a half hours away from each city. ... " [More]

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