Friday, August 04, 2006

Who Was At Promontory


Following is a list from the key of figures in the Hill painting, The Last Spike. The question is, who was actually there, and who was not?


@ Known to have been at Promontory
* Known not to have been at Promontory

Stephen T. Gage
*A. P. Stanford
@F. A. Tritle
Hon. John Conness
C. N. West
*Benjamin Welch
E. F. Gerald
J. R. Watson
@Rev. Dr. Todd
James W. Haynes
E. H. Miller, Jr.
Arthur Brown
Robert Robinson
Bishop J. Sharp
William Sherman
Charles Marsh
*David Hewes – San Francisco, donor of golden spike
Lorenzo Sawyer
E. Black Ryan
Mrs. E. B. Ryan
Bishop L. Farr
John Corning
W. E. Brown
@Thomas P. Durant – Vice president, Union Pacific Railroad
Dr. J. D. B. Stillman
@Dr. H. W. Harkness
Col. Little
Mrs. J. H. Strowbridge – Wife of Central Pacific Railroad construction superintendent
F. L. Vandenberg
@Leland Stanford – *President, Central Pacific Railroad, member of "Big Four"
H. Notingham
*C. P. Huntington – *Member of "Big Four"
@S. B. Reed
F. D. Richards
P. McGrue
John Duff
T. P. Woodward
J. R. Adams
*Oakes Ames
Judge Galwood
J. H. Strobridge – Central Pacific construction superintendent
@Sidney Dillion
Gen. Cogswell
no forty-four listed
George F. Parsons
@Edgar Mills
@Gen. G. M. Dodge – Chief engineer,Union Pacific
Hon. Milton S. Latham
*Mark Hopkins – *Member of "Big Four"
Miss Earl
@Miss Annie Reed
*Judge E.B. Crocker – Central Pacific legal counsel and brother of Charles Crocker
*Charles Crocker – *"Big Four" member in charge of construction from Sacramento to Promontory
@S. S. Montague – Assistant Engineer, Central Pacific
*T. D. Judah – Died five years before
L. M. Clement
Eli Dennison
Col. T. H. Head
No fifty-nine shown
No sixty shown
@A. P. K. Safford
B. B. Redding
Charles Cadwalader
Adolph Steiner
S. W. Sanderson
*A. N. Towne
Geo. E. Gray
John Casement
Hon. T. G. Phelps
Capt. Franklin
Hon. A. A. Sargent