Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Views from the Sacramento Capital Building

From: "Dick Morris" rmorris@alaska.net

On the CPRR Museum's Sacramento City Views exhibit are links to three photographs (97710419_NR, 97712007_, and 97713423_A) which are identified on the photographs as having been take from the capital building. Another (97710116_) appears to have been taken from the capital, but isn't identified as such. Do you know what date the photos were taken or have any other information on them?

My gg grandfather lived and my great grandfather was born in a house in Sacramento on the block bordered by L and M and 12th and 13th streets. (My gg grandfather was a blacksmith with the CPRR when he died in 1868.) In about 1870 the property was sold and was incorporated into the park around the capital. ...

Dick Morris
Anchorage, Alaska

Question: Chinese railroad worker height and weight

From: Den2Mom@aol.com

How tall were the Chinese on average?

What was their average weight?