Saturday, March 20, 2010

Women's Toilet Lock

From: "Ken Graczyk"

[Have] you have ever heard of a Missouri Pacific Women's Toilet lock? I believe it is a six lever lock. ...

—Ken Graczyk

What happened to the men in the photo of the 'golden spike' ceremony?


The photo of the 'golden spike' ceremony which contains the 'Jupiter' and the '119' has interested me since I first saw it in a history book in grade school over 50 years ago. It has made me a 'history buff' ever since. I was fortunate enough to finally visit the site last year.

Is there any information available about any of the participants in the photo? What they did with their lives after the photo? Where they lived? Where they are buried. I always wondered what happened after the photo to men like George Booth, who I believe is the man holding the champagne bottle, and Sam Bradford, who I believe is the man holding the two smaller bottles, and also some of the other named men in the photo? Who was Mr. Hirch, the only named man without a first name listed? ...

—Dennis Kowalski