Thursday, April 01, 2021

List of competing contract and monies from the US Government between CPRR and UPRR

From: "Celeste Wolfe"

Can you direct me to a resource where I can find the list of government contracts and monies that the CPRR and UPRR were competing for during the years of 1867-1869?

I wanted to know what CPRR was dealing with financially in the overall picture with their U.S. government subsidies being possibly snatched up and taken by UPRR’s Credit Mobilier price gouging manipulation. Can you give me a list of what those subsidies were called that both companies were competing for during 1867-1869?

If there is a resource you can direct me to, I would be very grateful. Both government sources and CPRR books for that time on what contracts they received and then how they spent that money for those last two years.

I needed to the specifics of the economic context and pressures the Big Four were laboring under and how C.P. Huntington was dealing with competing against UPRR in DC. ...

—Celeste Wolfe