Thursday, May 19, 2005

SP 1897 Colors

Attached is a transcription of a letter form 1897 in what I believe is H. J. Small's letter press book from the shops.  It seems to assign numbers to standard colors that are at variance with numbers assigned in other documents.  

Also note the red and white called out for switch targets.  

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SP Standard Colors – 1897

Letter dated April 7, 1897 for H. J. Small to R. P. Schwerin
CSRM Coll, letter press book from Oriental Warehouse

Standard MofW Colors, Mof W Department
No. 1 Ticket Office Color
2 Inside Waiting Room Color
3 Outside body Color
4 Outside Trim Color
5 Metallic Color
6 Backs of Signs & Whistle Posts Color (lamp black)
7 Pumping Machinery Color
8 White, for switch targets
9 Red, for switch targets

Shop Colors
No. 1 Sash Color
2 Freight Car Color
3 Caboose Outside Color
4 Floor Color
5 Truck Color
6 Pullman Color
7 Caboose Inside Color
8 Drab Color
9 Buff Color

CPRR Engineering Report 1865; and, Annual Reports 1878 & 1883.