Saturday, February 02, 2008

2 trains stuck in Sierra

"2 trains stuck in Sierra," © Reno Gazette-Journal, 2/2/2008. (News Article)

"DONNER PASS – Nearly 400 people remained trapped Friday in two Amtrak passenger trains that were stranded in the snowy Sierra Nevada after a large snowplow fell through the tracks ... Amtrak's California Zephyr passenger trains were stranded near Donner Pass about 2 p.m. ... " [More]

C.P. Caboose Number 51


Quite a few years ago I got a 1/2" to the foot photocopy of a drawing from the California State Railroad Museum Library identified as:

C.P. Caboose
No. 51
Built at Sacramento Shops
October 1872

It's a drover's caboose with seats for passengers on one end and what appears to be a small cargo area at the other end. I'm part way through building a 1/8 scale model to go behind my live steam model of the CP-173. However, the drawing doesn't show the style of trucks or the style of the siding. Are there any photographs available of this caboose?

—Dick Morris, Anchorage, Alaska

2'' x 3 1/4" 1850 salt tin image found

From: "Bobbie Halmich"

I have an 1850 salt tin image that is in a window of an old railroad A&W cook stove, however, I can see him pretty clear but, I don't know who he is and, I don't want the picture destroyed. The stove has three small arched windows made of some type of fire proof plastic and, the picture is in the middle. Can you help? The stove has a date 1883.

—Bobbie Halmich