Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hannah Strobridge and Small Pox


I've seen the following report that Hannah Strobridge contracted small pox while nursing others ill with the disease during the January 1869 (note year) outbreak.

Hannah Strobridge – SmallPox

Anna [sic] Strobridge, wife of James Harvey Strobridge, Construction Foreman, nursed the workers in the pest cars – she contracted small pox while nursing the workers in Nevada. Photos of her, from 1868 on, show the effects of the disease on her face.

Can anyone supply contemporary documentation that she was nursing others in the pest cars when she came down with it? Documentation that she contracted small pox at that time, and recovered (after being nursed in her own car by the other two women there), appears stronger, but information about her nursing ill workers in the pest cars (presumably including Chinese) seems pretty sparse.