Friday, August 02, 2013

Rail chair vs. fishplate

From: "Chris Graves"

Iron rail chairs, used to tie one rail to another rail, were in use from Sacramento, California to Cisco. They can still be found, from time to time, on the old grade. In Cisco rail chairs were abandoned in favor of fishplate (with the exception of a few miles of grade East of Wadsworth, NV).

A machine used to drill holes in the web of rail, this to bolt the fishplate to the rail, has been found in Central Nevada. This wonder is about 4 feet tall, has a drive wheel attached to a pivot near the bottom, and an auger that turns, parallel to the ground, that would drill the hole in the iron rail.

In my years of seeing the odd stuff left on the old grade, this take the prize. The current owner wants to sell it.

Anyone have an idea of the value? Yes, all the gears still turn. ...

G J Chris Graves
NewCastle, MP 31