Thursday, February 27, 2014

Culvert location

From: "David Rousar"

Can anyone identify the location of this culvert that was or is on the right of way of the old San Francisco and San Jose Railroad? The date inscribed is 1862. The inscribed names of several individuals are as follows:

Chas. W. Sanger, Secretary
Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer
T. J. Arnold, P.A. Engineer
O. H. P. Rand, Builder

—David Rousar

SF&SJ culvert

SF&SJ culvert

Finishing the project

From: "NewCastle, Alta Cal'a"

A few years ago I was involved with the production of a video entitled The Hidden Wonder of the World, the Transcontinental Railroad. That video dealt strictly with the old grade between Sacramento City and Tunnel 6 at Donner Summit.

That video has been broadcast over Public TV in Sacramento, Cal. many times, and they continue to broadcast it. You can see it on your computer by going to KVIE, then scrolling to VIEW FINDER, then clicking on The Hidden Wonder of the World, the Transcontinental Railroad. The video on KVIE runs 26 minutes, 46 seconds.

I will be 73 this year, and feel the need to finish the work begun with the video mentioned above.

To that end, Bill George, the Producer and I have agreed to run the work to Promontory Summit ...

The final video will run about 53 minutes, this to accomplish the one hour time frame that Public TV needs to fill a one hour program. ...

Our question, then, would anyone in the CPRR Discussion group have an interest in this project? ...

Your thoughts are welcomed.

G J Chris Graves, Chairman,
Committee for the protection of "What is Truth" in Railroad History
tel. 916.663.3742