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Lewis Metzler Clement Information

From: "Larry Mullaly"

My wife Alice and I were recently at Stanford University Special Collections and came across a series of letters from LM Clement to CP Surveyor Butler Ives.

These are found in:
Butler Ives Collection
M0097 Timothy Hopkins Transportation Collection 1816-1942, Box 6.
Vol. Hardbound
Letters and Telegrams to Butler Ives

In all there are 14 letters or telegrams from LM Clement to Butler Ives for the period March 1869 to Nov. 16, 1870.

The Ives Collection of letters and telegrams is extensive and deals mostly with Ives activities in surveying the Central Pacific Railroad. There may be references to Clement in these, but I did not have the opportunity to determine this.

I transcribed a few of these (see [below]) and thought these might be of interest to you. Unfortunately we live in Southern Oregon, so only get down to Stanford University every other year or so. ...

—Larry Mullaly

LM Clements Correspondence to Butler Ives

Transcribed by Larry Mullaly
Stanford Special Collections
February 27, 2012.

Butler Ives Collection
M0097 Timothy Hopkins Transportation Collection 1816-1942 Box 6

Vol. Hardbound
Letters and Telegrams to Butler Ives

[In all there are 14 letters or telegrams from LM Clement to Butler Ives from March 1869 to Nov. 16, 1870.]

March 1870 B Ives Engineer Southern Pacific RR

As soon as you have completed the organization of the Barometrical, Transit and Leveling parties you will proceed to Gilroy by rail.

Gilroy is the initial point of your survey from which you will run the most direct and central line for a Railroad to the mouth of Salinas Valley. Then you will examine all passes for a continuation of the line to Los Angles. In no case run into the San Joaquin Valley unless you receive orders for so doing from proper authority.

The line up Salinas Valley will be a portion of the route and you will endeavor to secure a line so that the greater portion of Salinas Valley will be used. The most direct route should first be examined.

I cannot give you detailed instruction and therefore you will be guided by the above general instructions as to the work. The survey should be made somewhat in detail showing mountain ranges, main peaks, valleys, passes etc.

You can give your transit party time to take topography and make triangulations to the different main features along the line.

If you can purchase provisions along your route it would be better than to haul them along with you.

You will keep me informed as to your whereabouts whenever practicable that I may know how you may be reached, whether by telegraphy, mail, express or otherwise. A report of the progress of your surveys will be expected whenever you are with reasonable reach of mail or express office.

Respectfully yours.

Saml S. Montague E.
For Southern Pacific RR Co. Officers.

LM Clement to Ives
June 28, 1870

"You can in the meantime proceed with your explorations to Los Angeles. Not knowing the position of your parties I cannot of course direct each so as to work to the best advantage and will leave to this matter to you.

… Books pencils, etc. for Phelps go today. You may purchase pack saddles for Phelps. I think you can get them down there as cheap as to send from here.

We have nothing particular here that is new. The Engineer corps generally seem to be in good health. I would like very much to do down but I fear it will be some time yet.

LM Clement.

August 24, 1870

Yours of 20th inst came to hand this day. I am glad to hear from you and regret that you are still suffering from pains in your back and you should be cautions not to expose yourself unnecessarily.

The check for quarteler $6000 and books will leave here to day. We are pretty busy in the office in general work and I am assured you g…

Tomorrow McCloud goes down to layout some work on the SJVRR from Stanislause to Tuolomnme. All the roads have been consolidated and called CPRR.

The Stockton and Visalin RR is in status quo the are waiting for the decision of the courts as to the legislative right of voting money for the use of private parties.

LM Clements

Sept. 16, 1870

Bulter Ives, Esq.

Engineer in Charge of Surveys of SPRR

Dear Sir or Madam:
Your reports of surveys south of Arroyo Grande [on California Coast below San Luis Obispo] received and also several profiles form Mr. Phelps

Today I telegraphed to Mr. Phelps to return to San Juan [Capistrano] with his party, telegraphing you also, that I had done so, and for you to continue your surveys as to heretofore.

You will continue your surveys as per instructions first issued to Los Angles sending report of your surveys as often as possible.

Nothing particularly new here. The fair is going on but I have not visited it.

Steven is improving slowly, the others as well.

Yours, LM Clements.

Original of Telegraph: Western Union Telegraph Company

Sacramento Sept. 16 to Los Angeles.

Butler Ives, Engineer SPRR Santa Barbara

Have ordered Phelps and party to return to San Juan continue your survey as heretofore am sending letter by express today

LM Clement

Oct. 13, 1870

Butler Ives, Los Angeles

Yours is at hand and money has been sent as you desired. Make a rapid reconnaissance to Kern Lake or vicinity as you propose with barometer and two or three men getting what information you can in a short time and report as soon as you reach Kern Lake.

As soon as season will permit will want to make a similar reconnaissance to Forty Yuma. Will send instructions so that you will find them on your return to Los Angeles. I enclose copy letter and map from Mr. Treadwell. They explain themselves. You can best judge whether the information contained there in is of any value. Let us hear from you as often as possible.

LM Clement

October 17, 1870 B. Ives. Esq.
Los Angeles Cal. Dear Sir.

Mr. Montague left here on the 13th for Ogden, but before leaving enquired of Moore in WE Brown’s Office, if money had been sent to you and understanding him to it had, he wrote to you accordingly. I telegraphed you today that it had not been sent, but will be sent by first Express tomorrow.

Mr. Clement has been laid up at his home for nearly a week with both his hands and his face badly burned. By pulling down a mosquito bar over Montis’ bed which had accidentally caught fire.

He has suffered a great deal and will probably be confined to the house for a week or two more.

Mr. Steiner is still afflicted with the Rheumatism and has gone to Harbin Springs , Lake Co. to test their curative qualities. I enclose letters fro Flanagan and Sawyer.

Hoping the delay cause by Mr. M’s mistake will give you all a chance to get well rested. With respect to all, I remain

Repectfully Yours,
Frank L. Southack

Telegram Oct. 8 to Los Angeles BI

IS it practicable to make surveys to Kern Lake now. If so how much money will you want to complete outfit. Can you send message to Phelps. Answer.

LM Clement.

Los Angeles, Nov. 16, 1870

Suspend surveys. Report at Sacramento. Sell outfit or bring it back as you think best. Answer.

SS Montague

Transcribed by Larry Mullaly, Stanford Special Collections, February 27, 2012.

"Arizona's first train"

"Arizona's first train" © Maricopa Monitor, March 10, 2012. (Archived Article)

"Editor’s note: This story is not current; it appeared in the Aug. 25, 1939 edition of the Casa Grande Dispatch. ...

The Southern Pacific railroad Arizona extension is now rapidly nearing Gila Bend and as soon as the date for reaching Maricopa can be definitely anticipated the time schedule for this pioneer train will be published for the information of the public but as the number of participants must be necessarily limited to the capacity of the sleeping cars, it will be advisable for any and all to make prior engagements for sleeping car accommodations. Reservations can be secured and any additional information will be cheerfully given upon receipt of communications addressed to F.H. Goodman, G.P.&T. agent Central Pacific Railroad San Francisco, March 1, 1879." [More]

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