Thursday, August 16, 2007

David D. Campbell, Schenectady Locomotive Works

From: "Andy Paterson"

David D. Campbell was one of the principal shareholders in the Schenectady Locomotive Works along with John Ellis. Was he also a locomotive engineer and where or when was he born? Also, where and when was William Buchanan born? He was the locomotive engineer who designed the Empire State Express, the first land transport vehicle to exceed 100 mph.

—Andy Paterson, Sydney, Australia

Historic Register Designation Sought for Sacramento Rail Yards

"Historic Register Designation Sought for Sacramento Rail Yards" by C. Johnson, © News10/KXTV, 8/15/2007. (News Article)

"Sacramento historical preservation groups have submitted the downtown rail yards for nomination on National Register of Historic Places. The 39-acre historic district incorporates the southwest area of the downtown Sacramento railyards extending to Front and K streets. ... ground was first broken in 1863 for the Transcontinental Railroad at the Sacramento location. The Central Pacific/Southern Pacific Railroad Sacramento shops were one time the largest single-site, integrated industrial complex in the West. The still-standing Erecting Shop is the only existing Transcontinental Railroad-related structure in the West dating from 1869, the year the railroad was completed. ... the city’s largest employer for many years ... " [More]

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From: "Ruthanne Buchanan"

Need list of Railroad Depots going to Westville-North Florida from Missouri in 1890's.

—R Buchanan