Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Question – Railroad Ties

From: "Michael Cody" mcody@rushmore.com

On many railroad ties there is stamp in the end, letters and number. What do these mean? Is there an internet site where a particular stamp can be checked to identify the stamp?

Preservation of CPRR Records at the CSRM in a Sacramento Flood

A disturbing History Channel TV program "Mega Disasters: California's Katrina" which was shown this afternoon indicates that the existing Northern California levy system has serious design and maintenance problems, including the use of eroding sand levies of the type that failed in New Orleans. Flooding with water 20 feet deep in Sacramento is predicted by disaster preparedness computer models. Predictions of this sort cannot be taken lightly, as they may eventually turn out to be uncannily accurate.

Are all of the unique Central Pacific Railroad records at the California State Railroad Museum located high enough so that they would be safely above the maximum flood level? Are all of these unique records digitized or microfilmed and copies kept at one or more secure offsite locations so that if the original records are destroyed, for example, by flood or fire, copies will survive? If not, what can be done?

Trivia Question - Big Mountain Pass

From: "Scott Busse" slbusse@gmail.com  

First of all I want to say I really like your website.  I have been an avid railroad buff for a long time.  Coincidentally, I am in a trivia contest that i thought you may be able to help me with.  Here is the question I am trying to answer –  

Through Big Mountain Pass and five dollars per was a multi-state bargain and practically sure. Then it got even better. Name the next stop west on the other side of the mountains.  

I am thinking this refers to the stop west of Big Mountain Pass on the old Central Pacific Railroad.  

So my questions are – 

1) Was there a railroad going through Big Mountain Pass that cost $5?
2) What was the first stop on the West side of Big Mountain Pass?
3) Do you know why they would say "Then it got even better?"  

Thanks so much for your time!