Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lightfoot Collection Postcards

From: "Mike Lapham" ptimike@gmail.com

I have a complete set of the 50 postcards by Lightfoot. They belonged to my father and I would like to know how to establish a date for them. I believe my father purchased them in the 1940's. Each card has a number and description in the upper left corner, a place for a stamp in the right corner, The words "Post Card" on the right side and the words "Published by LIGHTFOOT COLLECTION, Huntington Sta., N.Y." Also each card has a unique number in the lower left corner. The 50th card has the number "49655-C" as an example.

The postcards are a little yellow with age but don't have any folds or imperfections.

I would really appreciate anything you can tell me about them as I am about to pass them on to my 16 year old grandson because of his interest in railroads.

—Mike Lapham, Vancouver, WA

Passenger train service, c. 1890-1910

From: "Kathy Veasey" kathy.veasey@gmail.com

I am looking for historical documention of passenger train service between West Virginia and northeastern Oregon, 1890-1910. I have learned that B & O ran from West Virginia - but that passengers would have to transfer at least once to another line before reaching their destination. What other lines were active at the time in question? Would Chicago, or what other city be the most likely transfer point?