Friday, February 05, 2016

Central Pacific Railway Locomotive 'Fairlie' ????

From: "Ed Workman"

I stumbled onto this at Hathi Library Trust.

And it seemed 'wrong'.

I searched your site using 'Fairlie' and got nada.

I found the list of CP locomotives.

Is there another website that might help?

Did Mason build it and sell it to another RR? ...

—Ed Workman

"Double-Bogie Locomotive for the Central Pacific Railway. Constructed, according to the plans of Mr. Robert F. Fairlie, by Messrs. William Mason and Co., Engineers, Taunton, U.S."

Engineering v.8 1869 CP Fairlie
Engineering v.8, p.35, July 16, 1869, CP Fairlie.
Courtesy Hathi Library Trust.