Sunday, February 05, 2012

Amtrak Trip

From: fernando hansen

... I want to make a train trip from Sacramento to a railroad station closest to Promontory, Utah. Can you help me to find an AMTRAK route to make the trip? ...

—Fernando Hansen Kaulen, Santiago, CHILE

"B&O Coach 20 components donated for Central Pacific Coach 29"

"B&O Coach 20 components donated for Central Pacific Coach 29" by Mike Manson, NWPRRHS, Feb 02, 2012. (News)

"The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum has donated the floor assembly and wood beam trucks of B&O 20 to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Historical Society. The components will be used to restore Central Pacific Railroad 29 (later NWP 123) at the NWPRRHS facility in Petaluma, CA. ... in Baltimore ... the roundhouse roof collapsed in February 2003. One of the roof truss assemblies fell along the full length of No. 20, crushing the car body." [More]

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Tunnel Zero: "Placer’s surprising rail history ... "

"Placer’s surprising rail history ... " by Gus Thomson, © Auburn Journal, 2/2/12. (News Article)

" ... the 711-foot-long tunnel [in] proximity to the Union Pacific tracks, and more than a mile by foot from the Clipper Gap exit off Interstate 80 ... Tunnel Zero was constructed in 1873 after a trestle built to traverse Clipper Gap’s Deep Gulch proved a trifle to wobbly for the Central Pacific Railroad ... bored through what old-timers call Wildcat Summit between Clipper Gap and Applegate and served the railroad well until it was abandoned during World War II ... [as being] too narrow ... The walls are lined with carved blocks of rock ... from the Penryn quarry of Griffith Griffith ... " [More]

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Two people in Muybridge view No. 728/729

From: "Be-hold"

[In] the Muybridge view No. [728], "Boca and Crossing of the Little Truckee River." The two people in the foreground seem important. Do you know who they are? ...

Unfortunately they are turned away from the camera, though there's a reasonably good profile of the guy on the right (with a stripe on his pants.) Can't tell what they are holding.

—Larry Gottheim

Note: There seems to be some confusion about view numbering; the question is about the first [#728] image detail below [click each detail view to see the full image]:

Muybridge stereoview #728, detail
Muybridge stereoview #728, detail, "Boca and crossing of the little Truckee from the West. Mount Davidson in the distance."

Muybridge stereoview #729, detail
Muybridge stereoview #729, detail. "Lake Boca, Little Truckee River, looking North."

"Clauston born, died because of rail"

"Clauston born, died because of rail" by James McAndrews Jr., © The Modesto Bee, Feb. 04, 2012. (Article)

"The Central Valley is dotted with towns founded by railroads. These towns became focal points for local farmers who wanted to get their crops to market faster and cheaper. The first wave of these railroad-created towns came in the early 1870s when the Central Pacific Railroad founded a string of towns along its line, including Modesto. In the 1890s, another wave of new towns began. One of them was located midway between Riverbank and Empire — the town of Clauston. On April 14, 1896, Clauston was founded on a parcel of land bought by two businessmen. ... " [More]

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