Monday, January 02, 2006

Visiting the Sierra Grade


I'm studying the Donner Pass before I ride Amtrak this March. I have found the information on the CPRR Museum site fascinating. I have also read Donner Pass by John R. Signor, and Nothing Like It In The World by Stephen E Ambrose.

I was wondering about tunnel #6 – the last train went through in 1993. In Ambrose's book he talks about riding through this tunnel on the way to Railfair 99 in Sacramento. He writes about the engineer saying the location of the center shaft. Has the track been replaced? If not what route is now used?

This summer I would like to drive up to take a look. What is the best way in to find tunnel #6, 7, & 8? Also can you recomend any more books?

—Tom Comyns

Track Gauge

From: "John Shoup"

What determined the width of the tracks for the initial trains?