Thursday, June 29, 2017

James Harvey Strobridge having an eye patch

From: "Roland De Wolk"

I have read multiple accounts of Strobridge having an eye patch but every photo I have seen (including that on your site) shows him without.

Is there someone who can explain? ...

I have, I believe, exhaustively examined any all photos of Strobridge and there isn't one yet with a eye patch. (I was at the [California] State Library history room today looking at the images, for example.) Perhaps he preferred not to [have] been that way and removed it before posing. I don't like guessing!

I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts about that?

Regardless, thank you again for your time and work.

Roland De Wolk

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

From: "John Kelsey"

I have bond #58 of the 1865 railroad bond & would like an estimate of its insurance value. I do not plan on selling it since my great-great-grandfather was E.B. Crocker who was the lawyer for the Big Four. ... My great-grandmother was Jennie Crocker Fassett. ...

Here are the best photos I could take of this Pacific Railroad bond. It is signed by M(W?) R Shaber (Shabir?) on the right side above the coupons. There are 31 coupons still attached and the bond has been cancelled. It's in very good shape other than wrinkled and a couple creases from being folded. ...

If you might comment on the insurance value (just an estimate) I will appreciate it. I have been to the RR Museum in old town Sacramento & the Crocker Art Museum twice each which are 2 great places. ...

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

—John Kelsey

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

Pacific railroad bond, 1865

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Pieces of the last mile(s) of track

From: "Dennis Gray"

While in the Air Force at Hill Air Force Base I was at an award ceremony for Airman of the Year.

A local government, possibly Ogden, gave the winners pen sets made from 1 inch of the original track. The presenter also said that they used to give spikes from the track but that they had run out.

What is the current value of such an item and are they still available?

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